Mike Rabon

Author, Musician



Stung is an intimate behind the scenes look at two teenagers and their attempt to escape their abusive homes. It dishes out page after page of suspense, action and in the end, a stinging redemption. It is bound to leave the reader, especially those who may have experienced their own sexual and domestic abuse, silently cheering.


Meet Jack

Young Jack Kidd is a social recluse, hiding his disfiguring spinal condition behind dark glasses, thick beard, and a baggy fatigue jacket until fate has aging actress Darla Devlin financing a restorative operation.


High Strung

In 1963, five clean cut, talented, American college boys, signed up for a chance at the emerging and electrifying sixties rock and roll lottery. But the wicked music business licked its' lips, flicked its' tail, and patiently waited. The wait would be brief.


Billy Don, Basic and Me

I knew when Billy Don told me that he was going to eat a Baby Ruth candy bar out of the commode in front of Sergeant Luna, he was serious about a Section Eight. He wanted out.



Mike Rabon is the founding member of the hit 60’s group The Five Americans. After a career in music he graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, Oklahoma with a masters degree in public administration. Before retiring, Mike held administrative posts in several public schools. Once retired, Mike realized he could not only write a hit song but he could also write books. “Stung” will be Mike’s fourth release.


The Five Americans

Founder, lead singer and writer for the 60's hit group The Five Americans.